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Meditation: It’s Not What I Thought

Earlier this week, I tried mudita meditation.  It’s similar to metta meditation, except that instead of lovingkindness, the emphasis is on appreciation.  As with metta, one begins with the self.  Then the phrases are expressed toward loved ones, people we are neutral toward, difficult people, and finally all beings.

I like the progression of the phrases:

May I be appreciative and grateful.

May I be aware of beauty and joy.

May I be open to beauty and joy.

May I respond to beauty and joy with appreciation and gratitude.

The English teacher in me admires the circular construction.  The lawyer in me approves of the logical movement from each step to the next.  I found it a very pleasant meditation to do.

The primary thing I seem to be learning right now is that if I am to meditate daily, I have to open my definition of “meditation.”  It isn’t just zazen.  I don’t have to light incense, get out cushions, and sit for a prescribed period of time.  I simply have to be mindful.