“I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth.”

—Thích Nhâ’t Hạnh


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Our Enemies are Unskillful Means

I wrote about unskillful means last month: greed, hatred, and ignorance.  The Big Three.  The root of all of our troubles. I think they even underlie attachment.  We are attached to our likes (greed), our dislikes (hatred), and our views (ignorance).

I am reminded of this today, reading the words of Brother Trung Hai, Dharma Teacher at Bat Nha Monastery, where 130 monks and 230 nuns and aspirants have just been violently evicted by communist Vietnamese forces:

We do not blame anyone. We have no anger toward anyone. We know that our enemies are not people; they are greed, hatred and ignorance.

Thanks, Brother.  I will keep your wisdom in mind as I chant, pray, and write my elected officials.