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Spirit Rock Retreat 2008, Prologue

I’ve been wanting to express my experiences on my recent retreat. I’ve decided the most effective way to do that is to publish the journal I kept while there. I kept a hand-written one, so that involves my typing it all up. I’m going to publish one day’s worth of journaling every few days on here. It’s a lot; I wrote a ton. (Zen Masters don’t let you take notes during most of their talks, so when the Tibetan Lama said we could, I took her up on it!)

A few notes on editing. First, I will omit references that could cause someone else embarrassment or difficulty. Second, some of the notes on teachings are incomplete as I took them to supplement hand-outs, not as a total record-keeping system. Finally, there may be inaccuracies. I was not familiar with Tibetan Buddhism prior to this retreat, and there may be some teachings I misunderstood.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this blog report on my retreat should be taken as instructional; it is offered for entertainment and inspiration.

The retreat was on Awakening Through the Sacred Feminine and was held at Spirit Rock in Woodacre, CA , September 21-28, 2008. Enjoy. Namaste!


Ven. Dr. Myodo Jabo (Sandy Gougis) is a Zen Master and Priest in the Five Mountain Zen Order. She began studying Theravâdin Buddhism in 1998, adding Zen in 2003, and Vajrayana Buddhism in 2008. She currently practices in both the Zen and Tibetan traditions. Her Zen teacher is Most Ven. Wonji Dharma of the Five Mountain Zen Order, and her Tibetan guru is Lama Tsultrim Allione of Tara Mandala. In her free time, Myodo enjoys painting, jewelry making, and other creative endeavors.

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